Sunday, March 16, 2014

Update Week 07

All hands on deck! This week's update features the protagonists' hand - it now exists , animates correctly for the most part. From here on, we're going to focus on mastering the protagonist's hand and animations along with building and texturing more models. Because the player will spend so much time seeing the hand and arm, we have to make sure both look and feel as natural as possible. 

The build can be found here. Remember to download both, but only run the html file.

Week 06 Build

This week's build brings about a slew of visual upgrades. First, we're now using a new set of lights we purchased from the asset store. The new lighting effects are much more realistic looking than the standard ones Unity includes, but they come at a slight performance hit. For now, they're going to be kept until they become an issue on the laptop Intel has provided for us. This week's build also has some new models of various world items, a much more fleshed-out ICU (which will also serve as the tutorial), and various other improvements.

The files needed to play can be downloaded here. After downloading, just run the html file!

Week 05 Build

Another week, another build! This week's build features better lighting, but not much else functionality-wise. The teams are busy on programming new functionality and creating new models, including the alien. The game can be downloaded here - make sure to download both, and run the html file.

Week 04 Build

Week 4 is the first week we have an actual, playable build since we basically started the project from scratch this term.

In this build, we have crafted a level that was designed by Kenneth and Jon. The amount of lighting is very low, as we want darkness to be a strong aspect of the game. This build also shows off our use of substances, which are lightweight and easily modifiable textures. These were purchased from the Unity store, and are used to texture all walls and floors.

The build can be found on our Google drive here. Make sure to download both files, and start the game by using the html file.