The Team

Evan Doocy - Senior, Computer Science: Evan takes care of production, management, documentation, sound, and helps keep the team coordinated.

Dylan Yates - Junior, Computer Science: Dylan mostly takes care of integrating assets, managing our Unity project, level creation, and programming.

Jonathan Ahnert - Junior, Game Art & Production, Recipient of a blue ribbon for art in third grade: Jon has been in complete control of our Creature, the main enemy in The Unseen. From concept art to modelling, animation, and texturing, he's in charge of making the bad guy scary.

Ryan Daugherty - Junior, Computer Science: Ryan takes care of some core programming functionality, such as AI and implementing third party utilities.

Cory Bergquist - Junior, Computer Science: Cory is a bit of a jack of trades. He helps Evan with group management and documentation, and has done some light modeling and programming. He's also in charge of play testing and quality assurance.

Don Xu - Junior, Game Art & Production: Don is the main environmental artist. He creates art assets that Dylan uses to make the levels of our game.

Ethan Miller - Junior, Game Art & Production: Ethan has been working to create rooms for our environments.

Miguel Gonzalez - Junior, Game Art & Production: Miguel is in charge of designing and modeling the Light Energy Gun.

Cat Hamilton - Junior, Music Industry: Cat is making most sound effects for our game including all sounds for Henry, the Creature, and the LEG.

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